Here’s the 2-year Old that’s Never Eaten Carbs – and How She Looks


We’ve long known that refined sugars and carbs are one of the reasons for weight gain, so fitness fanatics and health enthusiasts everywhere are skipping them altogether. But imagine growing up without them in your diet at all – how would that feel like?

There’s a one-and-a-half-year-old in Australia that knows how it feels

Grace Cooper is nearly two years old, but unlike many other babies in her hometown of Brisbane in Australia, she hasn’t had carbs and sugary foods in her diet since birth. Her mother feeds her on the same meat and vegetable diet she follows, and the results so far are impressive.

How does she do it?

It’s no surprise that Grace Cooper has been following such a strict diet from birth. Her mother, Shan Cooper, is a wellness coach and diet enthusiast herself. One can also say that Grace’s current situation is direct as a result of her mother’s personal experiences.

Shan Cooper started thinking more about what she ate long ago when she began feeling terrible after meals. She quickly learned that it was all the sugary and processed foods in her diet that were messing her up and vowed to get rid of them.

Shan is a self-proclaimed ‘gut enthusiast,’ who believes that what we expose our gut to directly determines our health. Without hesitation, Shan ruled out carbs and processed foods from her diet, substituting them with meat, vegetables and other suggestions from her Paleo diet.

And almost immediately, she says, her health started to improve. That’s when she decided her daughter would start on a sure footing from day one, diet-wise. Twenty-three months on, she has kept her word, and she loves the results.

The Glorious Upsides

Grace’s story shook up the internet because of how unusual it was. Mothers everywhere wondered how she was surviving on a diet her mother had created, instead of one recommended by nutritionists for babies.

But then, as luck would have it, Grace Cooper is happy and well, a fact Shan Cooper credits to her baby’s diet. As Shan revealed to the Daily Mail, Grace has only been ill once in her life.

Even when she plays with other sick kids, Grace doesn’t pick up their illnesses. She has remained healthy, her immune system growing stronger every day.

Friction and Criticism

Naturally, Shan has received her fair share of criticism for her choices. Experts believe that a baby needs a balanced diet, not a restricted diet like a Paleo Diet. Shan Cooper thinks that that’s just a double standard, seeing as her child has never fallen ill and no one is talking about the people that are over feeding their children on sugary foods.

The best part is that she doesn’t force Grace to eat green; Grace is a huge natural fan of the kale and broccoli’s she serves. And she doesn’t plan to force Grace onto a diet when she grows up.

Instead, she believes Grace will use her sound mind to choose what food is okay for her, judging by how it makes her feel. She is not worried at all.